The Return of the Dispatches

After a long hiatus, our podcast returns with a very special episode recorded live at our recent "A Prophetic Ethic" show, which was held in conjunction with the Christian Scholars' Conference. This show features Walter Brueggemann on doxology as political subversion, leading into a marvelous moment with an accapella singing of one “Doxology,” and yet more conversation on the poetic as telling prophetic truth in a way that is elusive of the royal consciousness.

We next share Over the Rhine’s “All Over Ohio,” which punches one in the gut with a sneaky verse from Linford…  And then conversation between Walter, the theologian, and Linford and Karin, the singer-songwriters, in such fashion, as Linford put it, of getting under the hood of the song and pouring a bit of gasoline on the carburetor.  A podcast episode not to be missed.

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