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The Living Water Project, founded in 2001, is a grassroots ministry that funds clean water projects for people in impoverished areas of the world. Their mission is to give water in the name of Jesus, thereby also extending to them the love of God.  Because they are completely volunteer-run, 100% of all funds raised go directly toward funding clean water projects. Around 1 Billion people worldwide still lack access to a clean, safe water supply, and some 6,000 people die every day as a result.  The greatest tragedy of this number is that every one of these deaths is easily preventable.  Even more have only limited access to water that is often unreliable, unhealthy and exponentially more expensive than the water we take for granted here in the U.S.  The Living Water Project believes that socioeconomic transformation that is so desperately needed in the third-world starts with the most basic human need: clean water.

To-date, Living Water has funded 61 clean water wells in 12 countries:  India, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Sudan, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria.  To learn more about their ministry, please visit

At Tokens we are always looking for ways to partner with folks who are doing good work. And we are very excited to be partnering with The Living Water Project for our 27 March show.

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