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"A prayer," by Sandra Collins, 13 August 2017

When I hear endless news about wars and rumors of wars, global refugee crises and starvation caused by drought, racism and anti-Semitism in Charlottesville, and violence in our own city, and when prayers seem to go unanswered, when families suffer, I find myself asking, “Where are you, Lord?”

Help me remember all those other stories about thousands of volunteers and agencies you have moved to give time and money to end poverty, disease, and human trafficking and to save the planet.

Help me remember the passionate volunteers in this family who serve at-risk preschoolers; who teach English to refugees and others; who go into underserved areas to provide dental clinics or into dangerous places to build wells and bridges, set up health clinics, and do needed surgeries; who work with child soldiers in Africa; who take adults and children into their homes; who adopt children from here and around the world; who give their energy to reconcile races and religions; who use their legal and medical expertise to benefit the poor and those in prison; who serve the homeless; who stand up against bullying in their schools; who in their everyday lives as teachers, doctors, policemen, counselors, business men and women, and homemakers serve and encourage those around them; and those who despite their disabilities and illnesses inspire us with their unshakable faith.

Remind me, Lord, that you are indeed at work in all these.

Change me, Lord. Help me see people as you see them. Help me see you wherever I go in the ten thousand places where you are visible if I will just look.

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