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Advent Prayer

O Holy God,

Light of the world, who came into our darkness;
Lover of all, who came into our hostility;
Word of truth, who came into our delusion;
                                    —come again, O Lord. 

You did not come as presidents or prime ministers or kings come;
            But swaddled in a manger, vulnerable, enfleshed,
                        Thence as a man of sorrows.
You did not come as the mighty and the generals and the warriors come;
            But as one armed only with truth and the weapon of love,
Thus as one who suffers.
You did not come as those grasping after wealth or privilege come;
            But as one calling us to mercy,
                        Yet you received no mercy.
                                    —come again, O Lord. 

O light of the world, it has been long since your coming,
and our world is in darkness still;
O lover of all humankind, it has been long since your coming,
            And our world is hostile still;
O word of truth, it has been long since your coming,
            And our world is deluded still.
                                    —come again, O Lord. 


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