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Amy Stroup to Visit Tokens on June 7

We are pleased to announce that rising musician, Amy Stroup, will be among the musical guests at the upcoming Tokens Show on June 7. In college, Amy did her own breaking down of false dichotomies by studying both classical guitar and marketing, saying, “I knew the music industry was changing. The record deal was disappearing. The next step would be independent and musician driven.”

Since graduating, Amy has been named one of Prairie Home Companion’s “Top 20 Songwriters Under 30” and won a national Peacemaker Award for making music that promotes peace.

Her forthcoming CD — “The Other Side of Love Sessions”— compiles the best songs from her previous digital-only EPs and bathes them in a new light, exploring the various aspects of love—yearning, aching, driving.

Tickets are on sale now at our website.

And while waiting for the June 7th show to arrive, you can view the video for her song Redeeming Love here.

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