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Brueggemann in Nashville: The Lecture

My friends and colleagues David Fleer and John York convinced the inimitable Walter Brueggemann to come of out of his retirement and make his way to Nashville to deliver a special lecture. The lecture was sponsored by the Preaching Workshop at the Hazelip School of Theology, which regularly provides outstanding opportunities for engagement with some of the brightest theological minds in the country.

Walter's assigned title was "The Import of Preaching." Now one should not judge a lecture by it's title. I found the title about as exciting as watching C-Span during the elder George Bush years. 

But to those who braved the winter elements, and to those who looked beyond the spine-tingling excitement of the title, a veritable feast of intellect was served: socio-political commentary done in a most outstanding and compelling theological fashion. It was a classic moment, an 84 year old theologian of the highest order, doing his craft with care and enthusiasm and brilliance, bearing witness against the totalizing constructs of our day, bearing witness to the possibility of genuine freedom and liberty and community. 

To get free access to the video, as well as a free PDF download of an outline of Prof. Brueggemann's lecture, please enter your name and email address below. (To be shared with the Preaching Workshop / Hazelip School of Theology, which has graciously made this lecture available to us.)

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