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A Walk in Radnor

This week we feature the first of a number of upcoming pieces by Tokens host Lee C. Camp. He writes: I did an interesting experiment in writing this. I was walking at Radnor and saw roses arranged on a park bench in a sort of beautiful little makeshift memorial, and it gave me an idea for a line. So I decided I would write one to two lines at a time, not knowing where the poem would end up, and not allowing myself to go back and change or edit (except for the very minor edits you will see). It was a fascinating experiment, a sort of exercise in trust that I would be able to find something unexpected, unpredictable, and beautiful that would work with what had gone before. It was fascinating, and it worked. I had the poem written before I was done with my hike.

A Walk in Radnor

Lee C. Camp, Professor of Theology & Ethics at Lipscomb University, in Nashville, Tennessee, is the host of WWW.TOKENSSHOW.COM and the Dispatches from the Buckle Podcast, and the author of WHO IS MY ENEMY?

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