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Christmas Sale in the Tokens Store

Dear Friends, we're delighted to announce the following sales in our store: Season Ticket Sale

Season tickets allow you to not miss a single Most Outstanding Episode, AND save money. And if you purchase your season tickets between now and Christmas, you will save even more. Click here to order your tickets now.

There is at least one episode scheduled this year that will be open only to season ticket subscribers, and potentially two such episodes. Hope you are with us in the gathering...

Free Shipping on CD's

Yes, our too-expensive shipping fees have not merely been reduced, but altogether vanquished so that we might be able to spread the beauty of some of our Most Outstanding Compilations. AND, we have special deals that we offer only at our shows now online: One for $20; Two for $35; Three for $30! And yet more, Ten for $75.

Santa will undoubtedly be Most Beloved if your stockings are stuffed with some of Brother Preacher's Homilies, or some of Odessa Settles' sweet melodies or the Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys' bluegrass licks.

Order by clicking here.

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