Collins Gulf

From a day hike at Collins Gulf, on the Cumberland Plateau; a gorgeous Tennessee winter day, not a soul in site for 4 1/2 hours, with the Collins river and the tributary creeks up on the sides of the gulf all full of water from recent rains. Some verse written along the way:

The laurel hums the beauty
The water sings the praise
The gulf sits quiet, undaunted
Humility from countless days.

The cypress like Pentecostals,
Arms thrown, to the skies
Branches broken, blown aside
No pity, no queries why.

The moss, it kneels in silence
Mute, but, shouting glory
The river runs white and heedless
Its path long trod and hoary.

Day to day still pours forth speech,
Boulder, and winter smell of pine,
The precipice weeps, the limestone laughs,
And all for joy, for--joy.

--LCC, originally posted December 2015