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David Lipscomb: Southern Radical

 “Southern radical” is often thought to be an oxy-moron.  But David Lipscomb the man was one of those, and of the most interesting stripe: educator, farmer, editor, author, social radical, preacher. I seldom ask the saints to intercede on my behalf.  Whether it’s because of skepticism about that sort of thing, or because I am just not all that disciplined, I cannot tell.  But whenever I pass his picture on campus, I find that I unwittingly utter a petition that old David intercede for us. He was one of those types that was quite critical of any religion that was oblivious to the social condition of the weak, the poor, or the marginalized; he was suspicious of power structures that vaunted themselves, especially when they demonized or targeted enemies; he was critical of “sectarians,” who thought they had all the answers; he sought to break down barriers of alienation and hostility; and he was willing to partner with people of good will even when they did not agree with all the things he thought important.  And I like all that, and keep trying to figure out ways to live more like that.

So I am pleased to get to spend my days working at a place that bears his name, with so many good people and wonderful students and thoughtful colleagues.  And we thank Lipscomb University for their continued support of Tokens, and for serving in 2012 as a Tokens Presenting Sponsor.

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