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Down in Dayton

We had a Most Outstanding time in the delightful town of Dayton, Tennessee last week.  The judge decided to be in no hurry letting us get into his courtroom to tape a show, so we had a bit of a scurrying about starting at 2:30 that afternoon to get all things set, which led to a bit of tardiness in our desired start time.  Nonetheless, all proceeded beautifully. Two notions, intellectually, stood out to me:  Prof. Ed Larson's contention that without the 1925 Scopes trial, it is likely that the American cultural landscape--having to choose between "faith and science"--would have not been so nearly divided.  The issue was on the cultural landscape, but it did not carry the sort of divisive weight it would carry thenceforward.

Similarly, Rachel Held Evans, in remarking upon her being raised in Dayton, indicated--without coaching from me, I'll have you know--that she believed being raised in Dayton, under the shadow of the trial, had created in her a "false dichotomy," being told she had to choose being the atheists with their evolutionary theory and the young earth creationists with their Bibles.  She narrated briefly how that sort of false choice had been eliminated, slowly, from her convictional toolset.

Other great fun: Ruth from Palmyra called in; the Tokens Radio Players depicted what the Scopes Trial might have been like had Nancy Grace been on the scene; and Wm Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow, and Brother Preacher held the Great Quote-Off.  We were delighted to have for the first time Hoot Hester on fiddle, and Sam Levine on clarinet and horns and whistles of varying stripes.

Our thanks to all of you who made the beautiful drive down from Nashville.

We currently anticipate airing of the show in mid 2015 on public television.

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