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Dylan. Jesus. America. Don't Miss it, next week

We have a cornucopia of aesthetic delights—oh wait, that's what we say at Thanksgiving—we have a summer solstice of brilliance awaiting you for our season opener Thursday, June 7, 7.30 p.m.

If you have not yet procured your tickets, first I ask thee, why hast thou been like unto the foolish virgins who have waited too long to trim their wicks? Forsake thy laggardly, sluggardly ways. Forsooth, the tickets are diminishing rapidly in number. Second, thus and therefore I say unto thee, repent, and click here now to rectify this sad state of affairs.

It will be undoubtedly be an evening not to miss. Working out of the canon of Bob Dylan and his poetry (as I discussed here), we have more goodness and bounty than we can get to; which, of course, is one reason we call it the Tokens Show, just, we trust, some moving and beautiful tokens to give you some new sustenance for bearing witness to peace and beauty and justice in the world.

In the prophetic and protest categories, there will surely be an abundance to tend to here. Matthew Perryman Jones joins Tokens Show for the first time, a fact for which we are altogether thankful, and he will be doing covers of "Masters of War" (I've been listening to Pearl Jam's killer cover) and "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall," as well as his own Dylan-esque longing with plenty of apocalyptic allusion in the stunning and beautiful "O Theo."

Our friend Buddy Greene will be doing his own beauty on his cover of Dylan's "Forever Young," which I'm sure will be tough for me to make it through, given that my youngest just graduated high school. As always, delighted to have Buddy in the band pit with all of Nashville's finest which grace stage right as the Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys.

In the love song category of the Dylan canon: guitar virtuoso Bryan Sutton will also be joining our Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys yet again, and will be featured with his own killer cover of Dylan's "Your Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go." I cannot resist myself doing a cover of Elvis's cover of Dylan's "Tomorrow is a Long Time," which happens, so some report, to be Dylan's favorite cover of that haunting love song. No scandalous Elvisy pelvic movement is anticipated. But dang, it's a great song. 

As already announcedLauren Smelser White will be joining us as a guest co-host, interviewing PEN/Faulkner and Pulitzer prize winning author Tobias Wolff (interview from The Paris Review here), and the PLOTUS -- poet laureate of the United States -- Tracy K. Smith -- will also be featured, along with folk-rock group The New Respects.  

Given this summer solstice of brilliance coming your way, it seems you have one of three choices: one, stay home and see what latest Twitter conflagration has hit the republic; two, read the Economist or watch PBS Newshour and get some real news, but little hope for navigating all that bad news; or three, join us June 7 for some tokens of grace and beauty in the midst of the hostility of our days that will, in turn, help you keep on sowing seeds of peace and justice and beauty in the world. 

Come join us. 


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