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Lee's Essay on Ethics Daily, 2

Tokens host Lee C. Camp shared a second essay on Ethics Daily's website responding to some recent events which took place here in middle Tennessee. Lee writes, In my previous article, I suggested (and I have developed this at length in my book "Who Is My Enemy?") that certain parallels exist between the Christian "Justifiable War Tradition" and the classical teachings in Islam regarding the justifiable exercise of warfare.

For example, in both, warfare should not target noncombatants, and the opponent should be allowed space to appeal for a cessation of hostilities.

Moreover, I observed that the early church insisted that warfare was not a legitimate exercise by disciples of Jesus. The so-called "just war tradition" (JWT) entered the history of the church in the fourth century A.D., not the first century.

Thus, we are left with the troubling possibility that the ethic regarding war of the mainstream of U.S. Christians is more like Muhammad than Jesus.

But today I want to suggest another often overlooked observation: that, in fact, most U.S. Christians are altogether ignorant of the limits of the JWT.

Read the full essay here.

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