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Tokens' 2013 Sponsors

2013 Sponsors What hath a gathering of top academics to do with some of Tennessee's best burritos and a university governing body? And what hath the Official Site for NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip's apparel, souvenirs and autographed memorabilia to do with the finest source for all-things-Nashville? Well, respectively, they comprise our presenting sponsors and our platinum sponsors for the 2013 season.

Thus we hope you will help support those who support us: Take some time to find out about the 2013 Christian Scholars Conference. Find your nearest BlueCoast Burrito location. Explore the latest goings-on in the Lipscomb University Student Government Association. And spend some time looking through the finest Darrell Waltrip apparel, souvenirs and autographed memorabilia at And be sure to keep up with the latest Music City-related news through the Nashville Scene.

We're so very grateful to have all these fine sponsors joining us in 2013.

Presenting Sponsors: Christian Scholars Conference BlueCoast Burrito Lipscomb University Student Gov't Association

Platinum Sponsors: Nashville Scene

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