Our thanks to Darrell Waltrip...

We thank Darrell Waltrip and DWStore.com for their Platinum Sponsorship of Tokens in 2012.

As a boy I grew up in the Mecca of stock-car racing, in the Jerusalem of NASCAR: Talladega, Alabama. The only thing I remember us dis-liking about the racing folks coming to town was that the newscasters would mis-pronounce it. All us natives knew the correct pronunciation: Tal-uh-dig’-uh, not Tal-uh-day’-guh, and not Tal-uh-dee’-guh. It’s Tal-uh-dig’-uh.

But I digress. Growing up as I did in the buckle of the racing belt, Richard Petty and Cale Yarbrough and Darrell Waltrip were household names. Little did I know as a five year old in 1972, the first year that Darrell Waltrip would race on the humongous tri-oval in Talladega, that I would get to know the man, the racing legend, who would go on to win 3 Cup Series Championships, and 84 Cup Series races.

So we thank old DW for his continued support of Tokens, where we bring together things and people and genres and notions together most people would never dream of bringing together.