"Singing Down the Pain: The Civil War"

I am no Civil War historian, but am giving myself something of a crash course in preparation for our September 22 show “Singing Down the Pain.”  Currently reading Don’t Know Much about the Civil War by Kenneth Davis, as well as beginning the very enjoyable task of watching through Ken Burns eleven hour documentary.   Also much enjoyed lunch last week with Robert Hicks, author of Widow of the South.  Robert’s advice on writing the show?  “Make sure you tell the whole story.”  Ah!  In ninety minutes.  A delightful challenge indeed.  Have also gotten some great stories from Bob Oermann, Nashville writer and historian, as well as our friend Marilyn Switzer, plus lots of great song suggestions from our friend Mike Duncan.  Have suggestions on songs, favorite quotes, or anecdotes that you think might work great in the Tokens episode?