The Power of the Pen

Given my line of work, I am always intrigued, and particularly pleased, when people who have studied theology are working in some other field of endeavor than those fields typically thought to suit “theology.” Some years ago I met our friends Chris and Molly Ferrell. Our kids went to the same school, and we discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood. I was pleased to discover his interest in and graduate studies of theology and ethics, and fascinated that such pursuits had led him into all sorts of interesting public service.

Several years ago now, Chris became publisher of The Nashville Scene. Over lunch last year, I asked him why he started pursuing such a business venture. His response: the power of the pen. The pen can start conversations that would not be had otherwise, can put things on the community’s consciousness that would be ignored otherwise.

And this is a terribly good reason that Tokens is grateful for our partnership with The Nashville Scene: we too, like to talk about things that folks might not talk about otherwise. And we thank The Scene for its 2012 Platinum Sponsorship of Tokens.

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