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The Question

The Question

To be, or not to be, that
   may be á question, but
cannot be thé question, whence
   all others thus proceed.

Whóm to be, or whát to love,
   or upón whom to set my affection—
without longing, craving, some other,
   or another, or yet still
      some other;
   or how to be in thís particular place, at
          thís specific time, with
          thís unspeakable grief or
          thát ineffable joy,
               — to be still?

Thát is the question.

Merely to bé? — Subsistence is
   no virtue. Even reptiles áre.
But to líve, from and out of
   truth and beauty and some whole? —
            thát is the question.

LCC, 13 may 2016, Collins Gulf

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