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The Ryman: A Building that Breaks Down Dichotomies

This weekend will see our third show at Nashville's Historic Ryman Auditorium. We're very excited about the lineup, which includes Dailey & Vincent, Vince GillThe McCrary SistersJohnnySwim, best selling author Brian McLaren, The Nashville Choir, and our friends Buddy Greene, Brother Preacher, Charlie Strobel, Our Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys, and the Tokens Radio Players. Tickets are available here. The Ryman has had a well-known history as a country music venue since the Grand Ole Opry moved there in 1945. But the Ryman Auditorium was originally known as the Union Gospel Tabernacle. Built by steam boat captain Thomas Green Ryman, the Union Gospel Tabernacle's construction began after a sermon by the Rev. Samuel P. Jones ignited his heart for the spoken Word. The building was renamed after the death of Thomas Ryman, and, after the death of Sam Jones, the building hosted more and more diverse events. And so it continues to host a variety of shows. It's history undoubtedly makes it "the mother church of country music," but it's also Nashville's premiere venue for the exchange of ideas. Both music and deep discussion are welcomed there. The Ryman Auditorium refuses to accept the false dichotomy between music and discourse.

Thus, it makes a perfect venue for Tokens: The Welcome Table, where we celebrate the best of Nashville's music scene and simultaneously invite our audience to think deeply.

Our previous two Ryman shows have been called "The Welcome Table" and have benefited Nashville's Room in the Inn. We are delighted that both parts of this tradition continue this year.

So come to the most dynamic venue in Nashville and experience what Michael Brown of Ocular Fusion has called a show that "transcends mere entertainment, ascending instead to the level of education, even enlightenment."

We'll be breaking down false dichotomies in a building that does the same thing. We hope to see you there.


You can read and see pictures from the Ryman's fabled history here on their website.

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