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The Second Decade Begins: An Invitation

It often feels as if hostility has reached a new level of shrill. In the midst of the polarizing contexts in which we find ourselves, the work of making-peace and truth-telling can feel overwhelming. There seem to be few places to talk about things that matter, and there seems to be a heavy internal weight regarding the apparent impossibility of making a contribution to the world.

Like you, we carry about this desire for something beyond the numbing, constant frustration of the echo-chambers of contention. And we share a deep sense that we were made for community and friendship, and for contributing to the peace of the world.

So what a privilege we have of cultivating smart, adventuresome, creative human beings like you who sow seeds of peace and justice and beauty in your families, your neighborhoods, and your communities.

We're starting our second decade of such work with Tokens Show, and with this new decade we commit to continue to do the following:

Talk about stuff that matters.

Honor truth-tellers, justice-seekers, and courageous acts of mercy.

Practice joy, alongside satire, smarts, and songs.

Celebrate Most Outstanding manifestations of artistic beauty.

Practice hospitality.

Laugh a lot.

And, of course, to break down false dichotomies.

So we're excited to have you join us, to participate in a peaceable community moved by truth and beauty and inspiring exemplars of grace.

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Put June 7, 2018 on your calendar: "Dylan. Jesus. America." Featuring the U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith; acclaimed novelist and winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award, Tobias Wolff; up-and-coming band The New Respects; and singer-songwriter Matthew Perryman Jones.
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We look forward to seeing you June 7 in Nashville.

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