Update: June 7 Tokens Show

We are pleased to announce our guest list for this week's Tokens Show. David Peterson, Molly Lockwood, Zane Williams, Jenny Littleton of Doyle & Debbie fame, Professor David Miller of Princeton University, Dan Miller, Odessa Settles, the Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys, and more... We also de-announce the formerly announced unannounced guest who we could not announce. He has informed us that he is no longer available that night. Alas. And while it would be tempting to de-nounce this good man, it would not be comely, and thus we only de-announce the announcement. And as always, it is a good reminder that all our guest lists are always tentative, as is life. Which reminds me of the counsel of the book of James, which exhorts that we should not say "let us go into such-and-such a town where we will do business, but only say 'if God wills.'" Apparently God was not willing that the formerly unannounced guest should be with us.

Or something like that. In any case, we are going to have a grand time. Not many tickets remaining. Get 'em here while they last.