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The Tokens Show: Dayton

At the Rhea County Courthouse, site of the famed Scopes Monkey Trial

Currently Scheduled Airings

2 July 2017
     KENW, Albuquerque, 9.30 pm

6 July 2017
     KNCT, Waco-Temple-Bryan, 9.00 pm
     KEDT, Corpus Christi, 9.00 pm

7 July 2017
     WNPT, Nashville, 7.00 pm

9 July 2017
     WGVK, Grand Rapids, 2.00 pm
     WGVU, Grand Rapids, 2.00 pm
     KCSM, San Francisco, 11.00 pm

10 July 2017
     KCSM, San Francisco, 4.00 am
     WGVK, Grand Rapids, 8.00 pm
     WGVU, Grand Rapids, 8.00 pm

18 July 2017
     WCET DT3, Cincinnati, 8.00 pm

19 July 2017
     WCET DT3, Cincinnati, 8.00 am
     WCET DT3, Cincinnati, 1.00 pm
     WCET DT3, Cincinnati, 5.00 pm

20 July 2017
     WCET DT3, Cincinnati, 10.00 am
     WCET DT3, Cincinnati, 3.00 pm

23 July 2017
     WILL DT, Champaign, IL, 2.00 pm
     WEFS DT, Orlando, 9.00 pm

29 July 2017
     WCTE DT, Cookeville, 11.00 pm

30 July 2017
     WNSC DT2, Charlotte, 11.00 pm
     WNEH DT2, Greenville-Spartan, 11.00 pm
     WNTV DT2, Greenville-Spartan, 11.00 pm
     WRET DT2, Greenville-Spartan, 11.00 pm
     WRJA DT2, Columbia, SC, 11.00 pm
     WRLK DT2, Columbia, SC, 11.00 pm
     WJWJ DT2, Savannah, 11.00 pm
     WITV DT2, Charleston, SC, 11.00 pm
     SCC, Charleston, SC, 11.00 pm
     WHMC DT2, Myrtle Beach, 11.00 pm
     WJPM DT2, Myrtle Beach, 11.00 pm
     WEBA DT2, Augusta, 11.00 pm

1 August 2017
     KOZK DT, Springfield, MO, 10.00 pm
     KOZJ DT, Joplin-Pittsburg, 10.00 pm

2 August 2017
     WKMU DT, Paducah-Cape Girard, 2.00 am
     WKPD DT, Paducah-Cape Girard, 2.00 am
     WKMA DT, Evansville, 2.00 am
     WKOH DT, Evansville, 2.00 am
     WKGB DT, Bowling Green, 2.00 am
     KET, Lexington, 3.00 am
     WKHA DT, Lexington, 3.00 am
     WKLE DT, Lexington, 3.00 am
     WKMR DT, Lexington, 3.00 am
     WKSO DT, Lexington, 3.00 am
     WCVN DT, Cincinnati, 3.00 am
     WKON DT, Cincinnati, 3.00 am
     WKPC DT, Louisville, 3.00 am
     WKZT DT, Louisville, 3.00 am
     WKAS DT, Charleston, WV, 3.00 am
     WKPI DT, Charleston, WV, 3.00 am

5 August 2017
     WCTE DT2, Cookeville, 5.00 pm
     NPT2, Nashville, 5.00 pm
     WTCI DT2, Chattanooga, 6.00 pm

6 August 2017
     WCTE DT2, Cookeville, 1.00 pm
     NPT2, Nashville, 1.00 pm

20 August 2017
     ETPBS, Knoxville, 6.00 pm

29 August 2017
     NPT2, Nashville, 7.00 pm

“Tokens Show: Dayton” explores the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, with their variety show filmed on site of the trial in the Rhea County Courthouse. Features Professor Ed Larson, Pulitzer prize-winner for his book on the Scopes trial; Rachel Held Evans, native of Dayton and best-selling author of Evolving in Monkeytown; and special guests Buddy Greene, Odessa Settles, The Tokens Radio Players, The Most Outstanding Horeb Mountain Boys, and host, Professor Lee C. Camp.

The Nashville Scene recognized Tokens as Nashville’s “Best Local Variety Show” which is a “grass-kicking shredfest” that is a “huge success,” with “genre-bending creativity.” The Tennessean calls it “one of a kind,” and a “virtuouso ensemble.” Prominent Nashville music critic Peter Cooper declared that Tokens “is amazing. It’s amazing that [Tokens] has integrated music, humor and scholarship into something so seamlessly entertaining.” Other reviewers have called Tokens “spectacular” and ”provocative.” And best selling author Shane Claiborne calls Tokens “dazzling. magical. better than CATS…creating beauty and mischief.”

For more information, visit, or email us at Produced by Tokens Show; distributed through NETA; and presented by Nashville Public Television.