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Julie Lee


As a vocalist, shes a powerhouse, owning a solid gold tremolo laced with attitude and blessed with range that she wields with style a world-class singer.
Billboard Magazine

Just when you think you can label Julie Lee into one category or genre, you hear something different. Lee is a collage, a real scrapbook of various traditional American styles. In her songwriting, as well as her work as a visual artist, Julie takes bits and pieces from each of her myriad influences to make something of her own that is both old and new.

Though a Maryland native, Lee has lived in Nashville, TN for 14 years and travelled and performed extensively across the US and Europe. She has had her songs recorded by Country, Bluegrass, and Contemporary Folk artists, most notably and recently by Alison Krauss, who included Julies songs Jacobs Dream and Away Down The River on her most Platinum-selling collection A Hundred Miles Or More.

When I first heard Julie Lee was taken by her ability to be artful, truthful, commercial and refreshing at the same time. Not at all easy in this day of artiface and facade. -Rodney Crowell

Alison Krauss Jacobs Dream (2007) Album and DVD
Alison Krauss Away Down The River (2007) Album and DVD
Ron Block Doorway (2007)
Mark Newton Stillhouse Road (2007)
Pam Tillis Beautiful Night (2006)
Gina Jeffries Never Mine (2006)
Mark Erelli Undone (2006)
Dave Peterson & 1946 Here In The Mountaintops To Roam (2005)
Sarah Masen Home (2001)