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Nate Hale


Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, singer/songwriter Nate Hale makes music that is prophetic yet laid-back, easygoing yet painfully truthful. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a deep love for all things natural, Nate writes about real life issues. Love, war, politics, and religion, nothing is safe from his message.

In August of 2008, Nate released his first professionally recorded EP, Songs From the Shade. In the spirit of Jack Johnson, Songs is a simple, acoustic project with an emphasis on harmony. Nate sets himself apart from the mainstream by pulling his lyrics from real life experiences, and then relating these experiences to issues that actually matter. Songs about love and justice make up the bulk of his content, and everything orbits around the desire for an abundant life, a life that is more than merely living and breathing, paired with a deep disgust for apathy and complacency.

Nates live shows range from solo performances to full band concerts rounded out by guitars and djembe. During his live show, he has no trouble connecting with his audience. In Nates own words, I try to be really honest and genuine and because of this, the music deals with topics and issues that many are not willing to touch on or write about. The music isn’t loud and it doesn’t overshadow the lyrics. The music does not solely ride on a ‘catchy tune’, but I try to really say something worthwhile and convicting. Anyone can sing a melody, but I try to focus on harmony as much as possible because that’s what gives me chills when I listen to music and I want to effect people that way as well.

Nates desire is to write music that inspires people to act, whether that action is supporting his music or general philanthropy. Hes not starving yet (his moms chicken pot pie is way too good for that), but his true desire is to make music into what he does for a living, and for that to happen he needs your help. So buy the cd, come to the shows, clap your hands, and pray that the vision in his music will spread; that swords will be beaten into plowshares and that jubilee will become reality.

Peace to you.