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Dispatches from the Buckle - 009

This week's Dispatches from the Buckle arrives, yes, a day late. But technical glitches have forced this. Nevertheless, we're back with our second podcast on 'eschatology.' Today, we examine how eschatology is not merely a private, religious category, but rather it is a public category. Eschatology involves the things in which we place our hope and visions for the way things are supposed to be. Along the way, we discuss the notion of 'proleptic' eschatology, something Lee makes all his students learn about. Then we hear Andrew Peterson sing his eschatological hymn, 'After the Last Tear Falls.' And we conclude with Buddy Greene's very fine rendition of 'Shall We Gather at the River.'

tokenswelcome 331
tokenswelcome 331

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Lee C. Camp, Professor of Theology & Ethics at Lipscomb University, in Nashville, Tennessee, is the host of WWW.TOKENSSHOW.COMand the Dispatches from the Buckle Podcast, and the author of WHO IS MY ENEMY?