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Dispatches from the Buckle - 027

Another Most Outstanding Episode from Dispatches, pondering the perennial question of "what's wrong with kids these days?" And yet more: "Has your 'inner teacher' sabotaged your creative potential?" Where else will you explore the hypnagogic state than right here, on the soon-to-be-award-winning podcast from the Tokens Show? In this interview, renowned psychologist and behavioral scientist Dr. Robert Epstein explores the causes of—and the cure for—teen turmoil (and it's NOT what you think), the reason some of us aren't very creative (and what we can do about it), and the tragic problem with enjoying other people's creative expressions. He's got a PhD from Harvard; he's the former editor of Psychology Today; and—in the expected role of Tokens in breaking down false dichotomies—Epstein authored the only book known to have front cover endorsements from both Newt Gingrich and Deepak Chopra.

Check out these books from Dr. Epstein: Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence and The Big Book of Creativity Games: Quick, Fun Activities for Jumpstarting Innovation.

Special thanks to our friend David Rubio for conducting this special interview.


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Lee C. Camp, Professor of Theology & Ethics at Lipscomb University, in Nashville, Tennessee, is the host of WWW.TOKENSSHOW.COMand the Dispatches from the Buckle Podcast, and the author of WHO IS MY ENEMY?