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Tyler Flowers


Born and raised in Brentwood, Tennessee, local singer/songwriter Tyler Flowers is ready to share his musical talents with a much wider audience. Performing songs which reflect and embrace the experiences of his life, Tyler utilizes soothing guitar-based melodies and intimate piano style to convey a powerful and original musical sound.

A natural performer, audiences immediately relate to Tyler’s informal and humorous stage personality.

“Anything can happen when you’re performing,” says Flowers, “especially when you’re playing with a band. Sometimes a simple mistake can turn into a really cool, unexpected jam. I love playing to the audience and I thrive off their participation and feedback.

Tyler developed his passion for music at an early age by listening to the music his parents would play on the car stereo.

“We listened to a lot of different kinds of music,” says Flowers.

Tyler quickly fell in love with the sounds of the ‘Classics’; Beatles, Stones, Dylan Simon and Garfunkel. As he grew older, he developed a deep respect for singer-songwriters. Veteran Paul Simon and newcomer John Mayer both impressed and inspired him as brilliantly creative musicians and deep descriptive lyricists.

But now it is Tyler’s turn to present his special musical talents to the world at large as he begins the next phase of his journey. While his upcoming CD is his very first, even the most casual listeners will quickly recognize Tyler’s distinctive, warm-hearted style and his clear tenor delivery. Gifted with a broad range of musical vocabulary, Tyler’s explorations cross many genre markings and borders. Working closely with Nashville master musician and producer Pat Flynn, Tyler is crafting his debut CD that will feature 11 of his original compositions. While Tyler welcomes the opportunity to step into the spotlight, he is quick to attribute credit to his family and friends who always offer encouragement, love, and friendship. Though his musical career may take him far and wide, he will always carry the conviction that, as to family and close friends, as his song title states, “Some Things Never Change.”