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Hymns and the Battle of Nashville

Dec 16, 2014

My friend and faculty colleague Donna King serves as our regular “go to” authority on helping us sort through song and music possibilities befitting any given theme for Tokens Show. She recently worked on gathering materials for the tolling of […] [Read More]

2015 Season Tickets

Dec 8, 2014

Get your season ticket to the show that the Nashville Scene describes as a “grass-kicking shredfest” that is a “huge success,” with “genre-bending creativity,” and The Tennessean calls “one of a kind,” and a “virtuouso ensemble.” Music critic Peter Cooper […] [Read More]

From the mouths of babes

Dec 4, 2014

Here in the Bible Belt I hear a few white men (mostly, and occasionally white women) appearing to question the reality of white privilege, and speaking in terms that seem to assume that the fundamental locus of moral questions is […] [Read More]

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