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Traditional Worship in a Digitally Dependent World?: Part 2

Jul 23, 2015

by Lauren Smelser White Last month I wrote a blog post reflecting on why it might be that many 20- and 30-somethings could be turned off by “hip” worship. I proposed that one likely reason is because this group experiences […] [Read More]

What Are You Bringing With You? On Burdens, Baggage, and Blessings

Jul 16, 2015

Out my window, rain droplets slip from the leaves of trees rising from the garden near Thomas Merton’s grave. I have journeyed up here to the Abbey of Gethsemani for a few years now, perhaps making some fifteen or more […] [Read More]

Holy the Bees

Jul 9, 2015

by Jeannie Alexander I remember my grandfather’s smell. It is my first memory. My second memory is of being carried by my grandfather through his backyard. So carefully we considered the apple trees, muscadines, figs, and plums, but far back […] [Read More]

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