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Collins Gulf

Dec 10, 2015

by Tokens host Lee C. Camp A friend recently told me about a spot on the Cumberland Plateau I had never visited, called Collins Gulf; it was a gorgeous Tennessee winter day, not a soul in site for 4 1/2 […] [Read More]

This Land Is (Not!) Your Land, This Land is My Land: Thanksgiving, Advent, and the Fleeing Christ

Dec 4, 2015

by Michael T. McRay “I find it ironic on this Thanksgiving Day—a day of sharing, hospitality, and welcome—that our nation is divided as to whether we should extend hospitality to those seeking refuge in our borders.” Such was my dad’s […] [Read More]

Paris, Syria, and the Pursuit of Terror: Saying No to Xenophobia

Nov 24, 2015

by Craig D. Katzenmiller “Are you all right?” “Of course, are you all right? It’s the middle of the night there.” “Yes, we’re fine, but we wanted to make sure you were all right.” “Well I’m all right. Why are […] [Read More]

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