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Giving Up On Guns

Oct 8, 2015

This week we re-post a letter from June of 2013. Writing in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Brad Crisler explains why he decided to liquidate his gun collection. This is not a political statement. At least […] [Read More]

De-creation: The Noble Rot

Sep 30, 2015

by Jeannie Alexander God is about the business of de-creation now, and I sit seduced in the first nights of chill autumn air. Each year summer burns me to weariness, and I long for the spectacular carnival and affecting smells […] [Read More]

Creating Painful Space Inside Ourselves: Thoughts on Wombs and Compassion

Sep 17, 2015

by Michael T. McRay I am not a mother. This must be clear as I begin writing thoughts that involve wombs: I don’t have one and never will. I never spent much time thinking about wombs. I suppose the word […] [Read More]

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