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Traditional Worship in a Digitally Dependent World?: Part I

Jun 25, 2015

by Lauren Smelser White Rachel Held Evans recently wrote a thought-provoking opinion piece for the Washington Post that many of you probably saw as it made its way through online networks.[1] I want to reflect a bit more on what […] [Read More]

Everything Changed at Auschwitz

Jun 19, 2015

by Michael McRay It was December 2008. He said only one sentence to me, but that was enough. Everything changed. Poland was cold. Snow covered the ground, and the occasional drizzle of rain sent shivers down our already shivering spines. […] [Read More]

Tokens Bloggers Return

Jun 18, 2015

We’re delighted to announce that our Tokens Blog will have a team of bloggers sharing items with us throughout the remainder to 2015. In addition to Lee and myself (Dusty), we will be featuring pieces from Michael McRay, Lauren Smelser […] [Read More]

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