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“I Don’t Want Coffee”: On Dignity, Occupation, and Peace

Aug 27, 2015

by Michael T. McRay Edward Mabouri* is a well-known man. More importantly, he is well-respected. His successful souvenir business has brought him wealth and admiration in Bethlehem society. His business privilege has even allowed him to fly out of Israel’s […] [Read More]

Just Another Displaced Person: Immigration and the Crucified Imagination

Aug 20, 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve lately heard of the housing crisis that much of Europe is facing as refugees spill onto its shores, the majority of them fleeing Middle Eastern and North African countries battered by violent […] [Read More]

Ancestral Gold

Aug 13, 2015

by Jeannie Alexander Summer’s crumpled gold into August now, and the evening sky sets a red sun world in which the light has shifted. I have noted the changes of the light for several weeks now, and I am ever […] [Read More]

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