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The Prophetic Imagination
of Bruce Springsteen

Jun 23, 2014

Grateful today for a contribution from Stephen Lamb. Stephen is regularly in the ranks of the good folks at our Tokens gatherings and, as a professional in the music world, has done some strings arrangements for Tokens that were Most [...] [Read More]

Breaking Down False Dichotomies in Dayton

Jun 20, 2014

Our next Tokens episode is July 17. Concerned with the topic of Christian theology and the theory of evolution, it will be held on the site of the famed Scopes Trial of 1925, in the Rhea County Courthouse. As evidenced [...] [Read More]

A Most Outstanding Bus Excursion to Dayton, Tennessee

Jun 19, 2014

Friends, if you’re joining us for the big show in the courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee (tickets for the show available here), we hope you will also take advantage of hopping on the bus and join other Tokens show friends for [...] [Read More]

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