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About Tokens

‘Genre-bending creativity,’
‘Nashville’s Best Local Variety Show,’
‘amazing,’ and ‘one of a kind.’
— say The Nashville Scene and The Tennessean


Tokens began in 2008. Our philosophical and theological variety shows and events hosted throughout the Nashville area imagine a world governed by hospitality, graciousness and joy; life marked by beauty, wonder and truthfulness; and social conditions ordered by justice, mercy and peace-making. We exhibit tokens of such a world in music-making, song-singing, and conversations about things that matter.

We have fun, and we make fun: of religion, politics, and marketing. And ourselves. You might think of us as something like musicians without borders; or as poets, philosophers, theologians and humorists transgressing borders.

We are a cultural experiment: for serious Christians who like to think, and yet who don’t take themselves too seriously. And for non-Christians who might be Christian should there be more Christians like that.  And for Muslims and Jews and Bahai and Buddhists and agnostics who long for cultural celebrations that actually say something, not ignoring our differences, but trusting that in our deepest convictions we may find space to welcome—and learn from—one another.  


Host and Executive Producer Lee C. Camp (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame) is Professor of Theology and Ethics in the Hazelip School of Theology at Lipscomb University, and conceived the variety show when his students would often point him to Americana, folk, and contemporary music in response to his lectures on matters such as social justice, war and peace, or practices of reconciliation.  

Our shows and gatherings are first, and primarily, live events. Occasional episodes have been broadcast on radio and public television, with additional distribution through podcast. We are pleased to have produced shows as far afield as Malibu, California to Lake Junaluska, North Carolina; Abilene, Texas to Dayton, Tennessee, keeping our home base in Nashville, where we have staged shows in numerous venues.

For all Tokens-related questions, please contact Bragg Management at braggassist {at} gmail dot com or 615.352.5509.